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Each wedding is unique and unrepeatable, each has a story that follows the particularities of its protagonists: you. To meet as much as possible your needs and your idea of marriage, discover the additional services I offer.

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Not a fan of weddings with 300 guests? If you want a wedding without too many guests, or why not, where the only guests are just the two of you, let's talk together to create a service that respects your time and is totally tailored to your needs.

To break the ice and not fear the lens. We'll spend a few hours together in a place you love. It's a way to have a few more informal images and see yourself already beautiful before the wedding day.

Are you planning your yes in an exotic location, a European city, or anywhere away from home? Take me with you! I've been lucky enough to live in several places, and all of them were so beautiful that people were willing to plan their weddings there. So, rely on my experience for your wedding photography and you won't have to worry about a thing!

If unexpected things happen during your wedding that continue beyond the agreed upon duration of the shoot, we will add additional hours so that no memory is lost along the way.

After years of planning have you gotten a little carried away and invited every friend you've ever had from kindergarten to college? No worries, to make sure you have a memory of every guest we'll try to figure out how many photographers you need.

Every photograph exists in the moment you can touch it. We can create a photo book with your favorite moments of your story or make a selection of images that will take shape on paper. Whatever your needs are, don't forget to print your memories!

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