Laura Stramacchia | Wedding Photography


Wedding reportage should be a positive and relaxed experience, not a torture. The best way to ease is to trust the person behind the lens. That's why, first of all, I like to get to know the couples and have a chat, so I can understand how to work at my best.

Laura Stramacchia | Wedding Photography

What exactly will happen during our wedding photo reportage?

As you can imagine, your wedding day will be a memorable day and you will have a lot of great memories, captured by a professional photographer who is so discreet that she is invisible. Memories that will be important not only for you who were there that day, but also for all those who will come afterwards, for the family you will build together. And so far, nothing new.

To achieve this, we will talk about how you planned your entire wedding day, the details you chose and what is really important to be photographed. I will put all my experience as a wedding photographer at your disposal to capture every situation in the best possible way, without anxiety and without hurry. I will follow you lightly and fleetingly like a ninja, to capture this new chapter of your lives in time.

Your wedding photo shoot will be 95% pure reportage.

Reportage is my favourite form of photographic expression: it allows me to witness your story as if I were enjoying a film and at the same time to express my creativity in a discreet but effective way. As for the ceremony phase, whether in a religious or secular setting, for an official or representative wedding ceremony, everything will flow in the classic way: entrance, exchange of rings and exit. There will also be other typical moments in which taking photographs of your wedding is a must, such as the cutting of the cake or the throwing of the bouquet, moments that I will capture following the spontaneity of the situation.

And just in case you want it, there will also be room for more posed photos, couple portraits and family photos, which we will choose together and in advance.

For me, thanks to the experience I have accumulated to date, this means not imposing endless torment on you and your guests. I assure you that it is possible to turn these photographs into a light-hearted and enjoyable part of your wedding. And above all, a short one.In order to avoid surprises, we will organize everything in advance so that it goes quickly and painlessly to the cocktail table. A few weeks after your wedding, you will receive a private link to a digital gallery. Here you will find all your selected and post-produced wedding shots, which you can download and print out.

In those shots you will find you, your story, your style. The essentials.

All this just to say that I can be an essential resource for your organisation. Remember: you're not just choosing me because you've heard good things about me, because of my sense of humour or because you like my photographs, but also because I'm a professional photographer with years of experience.

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