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What exactly will happen during our wedding photo shoot? Why should I choose a professional photographer on my wedding day? Here you will find all the answers you are looking for: how wedding reportage will work, the way I work and my approach.

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Laura was amazing, she understood me immediately from the first phone call, she understood my needs and most importantly she understood what I wanted from her. I did not want the usual wedding photos (not posed photos), but I wanted above all that our joy was clear in the photos and so it was. The day was full of emotions and Laura made me a super surprise: after a couple of days she sent me a link with a video edited with the most beautiful photos that told the most beautiful day of our lives. Sometimes it's difficult to empathize with the feelings and emotions of others, well Laura has succeeded fully with her extraordinary sixth sense and her extreme discretion and sensitivity. I can't wait for her to take more photos of me, maybe for other occasions.


Looking at the photographs that Laura took of our wedding day, I feel like I'm reliving every moment, the feelings, the emotions, the hugs, the tears, the laughter, the dancing, the joy on the faces of each of us. Laura has been able to capture all this fully! Always attentive to every detail, always present but discreet, Laura has a sensitive look of a true artist. If you want spontaneous, original, magical photos that exude happiness, choose her!


At first, the very idea of having a professional photographer for my wedding didn't excite me. But when I saw her photos at a friend's wedding, I fell in love with her. I think her great ability is to read situations and work discreetly, without missing details that tell stories. The embrace found, the grimace decomposed, the emotion of a parent, the joy of love. All this clearly transpires in his photos that become narration of fragments of life for you indelible and that you will want to watch and watch for hours.


We would choose Laura a thousand more times! We were looking for a photographer who was willing to capture the essence of our wedding and day of celebration, without having to take posed pictures. She was great at interpreting our desires, giving them shape and order, all with extreme kindness and fast response time; although we had never seen each other live, on the wedding day she immediately put us at ease, had infinite patience with our guests and was very discreet in taking the shots. We are really happy with the final result, it was just what we wanted!


We met Laura through a photographer friend who was already engaged for our date. Immediately available, she followed the wedding with extreme professionalism. Her natural and reportage style made us almost forget about her presence as a photographer. We can't wait to see the final result after the first photos she sent us in preview! Thank you Laura.

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