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Tue 19 Mar, 2024


From the moment I arrived at Martina's house for her getting ready, I immediately knew it was going to be a truly enjoyable day. There were smiles, laughter, a few tears of joy, and plenty of genuine, beautiful happiness. And then, what a marvel the wedding reception was, set up right under the cool shade of a small grove of willows... so much beauty all together that I couldn't help but get swept away!

Usually, my wedding photo reportages involve as little posing for the couple as possible ("just a quick shot for Auntie's sideboard!" as I often say!). But when I encounter couples like Martina and Marco, who are comfortable in front of the camera, ready to engage and be surprised, I must admit that a few more posed shots tend to sneak in, always in accordance with the wishes and timing of the couple! We started with the group photo outside the church, which is one of my absolute favorites because it's undoubtedly one of those photos that gains wings and meaning over the years. Then, we moved on to take some couple portraits in the garden of Palazzo Gambara at sunset.

For the type of images I aim to capture, spontaneous and natural, poses are only pleasing when the people being photographed have also enjoyed themselves during the wedding photo shoot. At that point, the reportage seamlessly integrates into the flow of the day's events, adding something more to the joy rather than taking away from it: the experience. In case one has never done it before, relying on a professional photographer who can explain how to move or what posture to maintain during the shots can lead to very pleasant surprises once the results are observed.

Location : Palazzo Gambara

Videomaker : Jacopo Torazzina

Flower: Zubini Fiori

Wedding Gown: Revenge Atelier


If you're also considering getting married in Italy and would like to know something more about my wedding photoreportage, shoot me an email! On my website, there's a lot more information about my approach and style. Take a look at my blog and wedding stories, and let me know if you think I'm the right photographer for you!

STYLISH MARRIAGE AT VILLA SEMENZA • S&L | Laura Stramacchia | Wedding Photography



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