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Fri 13 Jan, 2023

Planning a destination wedding

Getting a destination wedding, just like Hollywood stars! This is how the destination wedding was born, the realization of a marriage in a different country from the one where the couple live. This type of non-traditional pop wedding trend was born in the 90s, when the only ones who can organize such weddings are VIPs from the music and film scene. One of the first to inaugurate this trend was David Bowie who married his Iman in Florence in 1992. In fact, our bel paese has always been a destination weddings for VIPs and not so very important VIPs.

All because of that Dolce Vita cinematic atmosphere that will always define us, the delicious food and the endless artistic beauties, the cities rich in history and the coasts overlooking the sea, the Italian Touch has a charm that never dies, and after the dark years of the pandemic, the wedding destination sector in Italy has restarted in a big way, returning to being one of the flagships of our tourism.

For some years now, weddings destination have no longer been a thing for the rich, in fact even those who are not VIPs can organize their destination wedding in Italy without too much difficulty.

How the perfect destination wedding in Italy works?

First of all, where. In Italy we are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to the dream scenario for a non-traditional wedding.

In recent years the most popular locations have been Lake Como and the Amalfi coast, but also cities such as Florence, Venice and Rome. And if we also add the Alpine scenery, the Sardinian coasts and the “masserie” (the local farmhouses) of the South, there's something for all tastes.

Once the location has been chosen, the intervention of an expert must absolutely be requested, and especially in these cases, the figure of the wedding planner becomes practically indispensable. In fact, it's important not only to think about the "easier" organization of the set-ups, but also about the logistics (how the bride and groom and their guests will move and where they will stay) and in addition to the bureaucracy (how to register the marriage so that can be also valid in the couples' country of origin). A wedding planner based on the territory and with experience in the sector, is able to easily solve any problem thanks to her contacts, but also to propose a vast choice that satisfies all tastes thanks to her network of suppliers.

What about us Italians?

If getting a destination wedding is a more than valid option for foreigners, as far as we Italians are concerned, the situation changes; perhaps also because many of us live abroad already, and it's normal to return to get married with the family... we could say that there are many wedding destinations in Italy disguised as traditional weddings. Thanks to the beauty of our country, we are not very accustomed to moving from home, we have large families, grandmothers who cannot travel and many friends, just think that in some areas of Italy, it is not a wedding if there are not at least 200 invited!!

My experience as a destination wedding photographer

Over the past ten years, working between Spain and Italy, I have learned how to combine my passion for discovery and travel with my work as a wedding photographer. With a past as a digital nomad it's easier to understand the wishes of those who are willing to travel to carry out their own project, and perhaps this is why I often get chosen by foreigners who get married in Italy.

At the same time I love move to foreign destinations, to create the memories of couples who rely on my experience to tell their story.

Since I've been working based in Brescia, I've shot the wedding destination of English, German and Swiss who love to move south both on Lake Garda and in Franciacorta.

But even when I lived outside, first in Cagliari and then in Barcelona, I often worked both as a destination wedding photographer, as an engagement photographer (the pre-wedding photo shoot), and elopement photographer.
Obviously for such a demanding organisation, notice is a must, so my advice is to rely on a wedding planner to find the main suppliers - location, catering and above all photos & videos - in advance of the event ( at least 1 year and a half before) to be able to choose everything calmly and to have 100% control of the situation.

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