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A section that brings together and describes my profession as a wedding photographer, as well as my experience and tips for your wedding. Visual and non-visual stories expressing my creativity and my way of understanding photography and reportage style.

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Laura Stramacchia | Wedding Photography Fri 16 Feb, 2024 - Blog



Finally, the big day has arrived! You've checked and double-checked every little detail, and everything is perfect. Except for one element, the only one you couldn't control 100%: the rain.

Laura Stramacchia | Wedding Photography Thu 13 Apr, 2023 - Blog

How to find wedding photographer

what to look for in a wedding photographer

Today I would like to talk about a topic that is particularly close to my heart: the choice of photographer. Almost always, when someone is planning a wedding, the first thing you think of is the place where the ceremony will take place (religious or secular), immediately afterwards the location and the catering. The photographer (hence the memory) is not given the same attention, almost as if he were a secondary aspect of the celebration; his figure is thought of while looking for the dress, the music, or the bouquet, as if one were worth the other.

Laura Stramacchia | Wedding Photography Wed 22 Mar, 2023 - Blog

Copyright laws on images


Whose ownership of wedding photographs, the bride and groom? Of the photographer? We will try to delve into the intricate world of copyright, obviously with wedding photography in particular in mind.

Laura Stramacchia | Wedding Photography Tue 21 Feb, 2023 - Blog

List of wedding photos: what really happens when the big day arrives

Wedding photo shoot

At last all the choices have been made, there's nothing left to do but enjoy the day... Let's try to better understand how exactly your photographer will behave during your wedding day.

Laura Stramacchia | Wedding Photography Thu 26 Jan, 2023 - Blog

Gay marriage and samesex civil unions in Italy

What is same sex marriage

Currently only in 34 countries in the world, samesex marriages are equal to heterosexual ones. In other countries – Italy is on this list - there are forms that protect gay unions, but do not fully equate them to traditional marriages.

Laura Stramacchia | Wedding Photography Fri 13 Jan, 2023 - Blog

Destination wedding what it is and what it means

Planning a destination wedding

Getting a destination wedding, just like Hollywood stars! This is how the destination wedding was born, the realization of a marriage in a different country from the one where the couple live.

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